Cassady Schiller Wealth ManagementEvidence Based Investing

Evidence Based Investing

Conventional wisdom suggests that clever investors can dig deep in the financial reports and find stocks that are mispriced and they can figure out how to time the market by looking at charts and trends.  This approach doesn’t work. We prefer to invest our assets and those of our clients in time-tested, academically proven strategies that, over time, have yielded positive outcomes for disciplined investors.

We don’t time the markets, we don’t pick individual stocks and we don’t chase the hot funds.  We believe in delivering advice based in reality and fact.  We teach our clients to ignore the financial noise that surrounds the stock market.  We design and execute a goals-based investment strategy that will fit our client’s risk tolerance.  Then we guide them through the inevitable ups and downs so they maintain the discipline to stick with their plan and realize their goals.