Becoming a Client

Our clients include successful professionals, business owners, and other individuals.  Clients who have recently sold a business, or are building assets toward retirement or already retired choose us for our approach because it makes sense.  But managing wealth isn’t simply about picking the right investments.  It’s about you.  It’s about enhancing, protecting and potentially transferring your wealth and discovering the most prudent and effective way to accomplish your goals.  Here is a short summary of what you can expect from us.

  • Discovery meeting:  Before any planning takes place, we discuss what’s most important to you.  This enables us to learn more about you and your goals, values, investment experience and risk tolerance, assets and interests.
  • Investment plan meeting:  Based on our discovery meeting, we build a written plan for you and discuss the implications and process of implementing that plan.
  • Regular progress meetings:  Now that the plan is in place, we monitor your plan on an ongoing basis.  We will use tax loss harvesting, periodic rebalancing and other wealth enhancement techniques to keep you on track to realizing your goals.  We will also meet at least annually, more often if preferred, to keep up to date on any changes in your life that can have an impact on our recommendations.

Just Think, Today Could Be Different For You

Imagine, you don’t need to watch the daily Wall Street report.  You’ve stopped worrying about the forecasts of “market experts.”  Your plan is in place and it’s being followed.  The weight of your financial life has been lifted.  From day one working with Cassady Schiller Wealth Management has been different.

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