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August 27 , 2019 | Posted by Brad Schueler |

The Expanded Usability of 529 Plans

As a new school year has already begun for most kids across the nation, it’s a great time to review the benefits to using 529 Plans.  In the past, we would have referred to these as “college savings plans,” however, due to new legislation, there are ways to utilize these accounts that stretch beyond just

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January 30 , 2019 | Posted by Brad Schueler |

Market Returns are Rarely Average

After a historically calm stock market in 2017, volatility returned in 2018.  In helping clients build financial plans, we start by understanding their goals and objectives.  Putting this information together, along with your personal risk tolerance, helps us arrive at our recommended allocation to stocks and bonds.  Foundational in all of this planning are the

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July 13 , 2018 | Posted by Brad Schueler |

Tax Planning and Your Investment Portfolio

Summertime is back upon us and brings with it a break from school for families, summer vacations, and generally a more relaxed pace of life. The stock market has gotten off to a volatile start this summer. Market volatility can lead to rebalancing of an investment portfolio, which may, however, lead to tax consequences from

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